Why is it important to test your alarm pendant?

Our Careline Community Service alarms help thousands of people across Norfolk and parts of Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, and Lincolnshire to live safely and independently within their own homes.

Our personal alarms and digital alarms are designed to be used in an emergency, therefore it is essential that these alarm pendants are tested on a regular basis.

Why should you test your pendant?

  • Testing your pendant once a month ensures everything is working correctly.
  • You gain confidence in using your alarm.
  • You will understand how the alarm system works once pressed and familiarise yourself with the process.
  • You will be prepared in an emergency due to the practice tests on your pendant.

Here at Careline Community Service we recommend that you test your pendant alarm once a month, simply by pressing the button. Doing a test call each month let’s us know your alarm is working correctly, it allows our 24/7 call centre to speak with you and personally check in, and lastly it can flag up any faults that may need to be fixed (free of charge).

How do you test your pendant?

  • Press the pendant (worn round the neck or wrist) once.
  • Wait a moment to be connected.
  • You will connect through a team member from our 24/7 alarm service.
  • Once they answer, say your name and that you are doing a test call.
  • They will check over your alarm to make sure signal is strong and all is working as it should, and that’s it!

Please don’t hesitate to test your alarm. We want you to feel comfortable and confident when doing so.

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