The Digital Switch Over – are Careline Community Service products compatible?

Have you heard about the digital switchover?

In 2017, BT announced plans to turn off their analogue (landline) telephone network and switch over to a faster digital system. Work has already started and BT plans to switch the old network off permanently in 2025. This change will affect everyone who uses a landline telephone and therefore will affect our customers as our Careline alarms connect via the telephone line.

From 2025, landline telephones will no longer plug in to a socket on the wall, they will plug into your Wi-Fi router and will work via an internet connection.

Please do not worry, we want you to know you are in safe hands and we are here to support you with this change. We have products that are digitally compatible for you to use within the home or on the go:

Digital Sim Based Units

  • Uses 2G/3G/4G roaming sim
  • 40-70 hour backup
  • Waterproof pendant
  • Automatic falls detection pendant available to go with
  • 300m pendant range
  • Voice guided setup

Go Mobile wearable pendant

  • Uses 3G/4G roaming sim
  • No additional call charges when button is pressed
  • GPS satellite technology sends location
  • Automatic falls detection
  • 2-way speaker phone
  • Battery duration up to 1-2 months long

Find out more below:

If you have already been contacted by your phone or internet provider regarding the switch over, we recommend you:

  • Tell them you are a vulnerable client with telecare equipment
  • Ask to register with their priority service register
  • Request a free 1-hour battery backup for your router in case of power cuts.

If you wish to find out when the digital switchover is happening in your local area, you need to please contact your telephone provider.

If you would like to discuss the digital switchover more and hear how we can support you with this in further detail, please contact us on 01553 616200 or email us at

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