Worried about living in your home with the rising cost of living?

Are you worried about being able to live comfortably at home with the cost of living going up in the UK?

Here at Careline we want to help you and advise you beyond the services we provide. We acknowledge that the colder months at the end of the year are always gloomier than the brighter summer days. However, we have put together some top tips for staying safe and warm whilst living independently within your home.

Wanting to keep your house warm without paying out?

(Sourced from Daily Record Seven ways to keep your house warm without putting on the heating before and after price hike – Daily Record)

  • Make sure all windows and doors are closed. Doing this will keep the warmth within your home and prevent cold air getting into your house.
  • Use curtains and blinds effectively. Open them when the sun is out because the sun heats your home for free, in the night keep them drawn as this is another layer of insulation within your home.
  • Layer up. Instead of feeling a bit nippy and whacking on the heating for ten minutes, put on a jumper, longer trousers, or socks; this is an effective way of getting warm quickly.

Worried about spending this winter because you may face some hardship?

(Sourced from Ask Lily, Household Support Fund | LILY (asklily.org.uk))

  • The DWP is providing funding to County Councils and Unitary Authorities to administer the Household Support Fund and provide assistance to households most in need.
  • The fund is available to support those in need of support with Fuel and Food costs, and it is running till the 31st of March 2023.
  • King’s Lynn and West Norfolk residents can apply here Apply for the DWP Household Support Fund (west-norfolk.gov.uk), anyone outside this region should search on their local County Councils website.

Facing the cold and unsure on what to do?

Sourced from (Warm Welcome, Find a Warm Welcome Space Today and Spaces — Warm Spaces).

  • Across the UK, there are warm and welcoming spaces for people to go to if they are unable to switch their heating on, you can find a local warm space near you by putting your postcode into the above link.
  • Most of the registered warm spaces can provide attendees with hot drinks, free Wi-Fi, computer access, free parking and sometimes food.
  • For people within King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, please look on the Ask Lily directory where all local warm hubs are listed and updated regularly Community Categories – Search Results | LILY (asklily.org.uk).
  • Each warm space holds an environment that is judgement free and have been set up with the promise to support people within the community keeping them safe.

If you are one of our customers and feel like you need further information or support on any of the above points, please call us up on 01553616200 or email us on careline.operators@west-norfolk.gov.uk and one of our members of team will talk to you on how we can personally assist you.