Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Fully automated monitoring to provide peace of mind and reassurance

Providing early detection and an immediate response when you need it most

Our fully automated smoke and carbon monoxide alarms provide peace of mind and reassurance, enabling you to continue living safely and independently in your own home.

Once activated, our monitoring centre will receive notification automatically and call the emergency services straight away. The system requires no manual trigger and is recommended for anyone with poor mobility or those requiring additional support or reassurance within the home.

Our alarms:

  • ​offer early detection which is associated with lower casualty rates and less damage
  • sound an audible alarm within the home
  • automatically alert our monitoring centre who will contact the emergency services and your nominated contact
  • offer protection from the devastating effects of CO2 and/or fire including risk to life and damage to property
  • are easily installed and linked to the Careline alarm unit by one of our friendly installers

​Our smoke detectors offer two alarm systems. One is an audible alert that sounds within the home and the second alarm is automatically sent to our 24-hour monitoring centre via the Careline alarm unit.

This process is fully automated and the response is immediate, therefore reducing the risk to life and property.

Our carbon monoxide alarm is a wireless sensor which detects the build-up of dangerous CO gas and raises an alarm via the Careline alarm unit for help.

This detector is recommended for anyone with gas and/or solid fuel appliances, plus those with poor mobility and/or long term health conditions.

Installation Costs

Smoke Alarm


to purchase

CO2 Alarm


to purchase

Weekly Rental


alarm weekly rental

Ongoing Costs


Smoke/CO2 Alarm,
weekly cost

All prices shown above exclude VAT.

How do our smoke and carbon monoxide alarms work?

1. Automatic monitoring of your home

Our fully automated alarm constantly monitor for smoke and CO fumes

2. Alarm triggered if fumes detected

If smoke or CO fumes are detected, our monitoring centre is alerted

3. We will notify the emergency services

Our monitoring centre will call the emergency services straight away

Here’s what our customers say about our smoke and carbon monoxide alarm service

Mr K – King’s Lynn

I can now feel safe when going further than my house, i.e. – in the garden or when out in the car.

Mrs W – Downham Market

I feel more secure with my Buddy around my neck. I have more confidence about going out.

Mrs S – Kings Lynn

Since having the BuddyButton, my husband has gained more confidence and enabled him to live more independently.

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