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The C500 KeySafe was the first key safe in the UK to achieve police accreditation. It has undergone rigorous testing to obtain an independent security rating, LPS 1175 Level 1. The security rating demonstrates that the C500 provides the same security as a domestic front door.

There is no pre-set combination code in a Supra C500 Key Safe. You will need to decide and set your code to secure your keys. We recommend that you select a code between 5 and 7 digits and avoid using common combinations based on birth years or pin codes. You may only use one number or letter once.

A Supra KeySafe™ provides greater flexibility and freedom, providing a convenient and straightforward solution to externally storing the keys to your property. It eliminates the need to issue multiple sets of keys or leave keys somewhere less secure, such as under the doormat. Additionally, a key safe provides immediate and controlled access to the property for emergency services and care workers.

For someone to guess your combination would be incredibly time-consuming as there are over 4000 combinations on our Police-Accredited Supra KeySafes™.

To maximise security, we recommend selecting a combination between five and seven digits. Avoid using common combinations based on birth years or PIN codes.

We recommend you contact your insurance provider to inform them you have a key safe.

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