Careline personal alarm

Our 24 hour alarm service is connected to your home through your telephone landline. You will be given a pendant, which can be worn around the wrist or neck, giving you the freedom to move about your home and garden.

Once the button is pressed a call will go through to our operators who will be able to help by either contacting a relative, neighbour or the emergency services.

Falls pendant

The falls pendant is an ideal solution if you experience regular falls due to poor mobility or ill health.

It can be worn around the neck or wrist and will detect a fall, automatically placing a call to our control centre.

Alternatively the pendant can be pressed to raise a call manually.

Buddy Button

The Buddy Button offers peace of mind on the go, whether you are out walking your dog or shopping with friends. It is also an ideal solution for anyone with health conditions including epilepsy and dementia.

The Buddy Button uses a roaming mobile sim and will connect to the strongest mobile network available when you press the button for help*. It has Global Positioning System (GPS) technology so our operators can locate the area where you are and can contact a family member or the emergency services with your location.

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

The Tunstall smoke detectors offer two alarm systems.

One is an audible alert that sounds within the property and the second alarm signal is automatically sent to our Careline alarm which will send a call through to our 24-hour call centre.

This detector is recommended for anyone with gas and/or solid gas appliances, plus those with poor mobility and/or long term health conditions.

Key safe

If you need carers, loved ones or the emergency services to access your home a key safe can provide secure storage for your house keys which are accessible via a code.

The C500 keysafe is police accredited and functions during power cuts as there are no batteries or mains wiring required.

Assistive technology

Assistive technology is a term used to describe a range of equipment which can support vulnerable people to live in their own homes safely and independently.

Motion sensor lights are ideal for illuminating hallways, landings, walkways and bedrooms, helping to reduce the risk of trips and falls within the home. Simple to use the lights plug into an electrical socket providing assistance during the night.

For more complex needs a pager system may be beneficial. The Tunstall Care Assist pager can receive alerts from multiple sensors and notify you if an internal or external door is opened.

Grant funding may be available to cover the cost of equipment depending on eligibility.

Other systems may be available depending on your individual circumstances, please contact us for further information.

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