Key Safes

Many people require authorised visitors to have access to their homes including carers, loved ones and the emergency services. Supra C500 Keysafe

For this purpose we provide the Supra C500 which is the UK’s first Police approved key safe. The C500 has achieved LPS1175 Level 1 security rating making it as strong as a domestic front door. The LPS test was devised by security experts including the Association of Insurance Surveyors which means installing a C500 Key safe will not invalidate your home contents insurance (please double check with your policy provider).

The new design is easy to operate and keys are accessed by entering in a unique code. It functions during power cuts as there are no batteries or mains wiring required, is easy to install and needs no maintenance once fitted. The key safe works hand in hand with our Careline Community Alarm allowing medics or the emergency services access to your home when you need them most.

“Now that the C500 Key Safe has achieved LPS & SBD accreditation this should be the only key safe that is specified – it is a very good product”Peter Bennett, Thames Valley Police