Keeping Warm and Well

With the cold weather upon us and the night’s drawing in, we have put together some essential advice for keeping warm and well throughout the winter months without spending a fortune.

  • Invest in low level adaptations such as draught excluders for doors, windows and letterboxes, radiator foils, window seals, immersion heater jackets and energy efficiency light bulbs (which can all be fitted by the Handyperson Service)
  • Close your curtains at dusk in chilly weather to reduce heat loss
  • Wear multiple layers of thin clothing opposed to a few thick ones
  • Stock up your cupboards with basic foods in case you can’t get out due to bad weather. These include bread, soup, pasta, cereals and milk
  • Take hot drinks throughout the day, especially before bedtime
  • If you can’t afford to heat the whole house, have one or two rooms warm to use throughout the day
  • Keep hydrated and drink lots of fluid to avoid dehydration

There are a number of charities and organisations offering advice and information, or even financial assistance in certain case. Call the Careline office for more information.