Information for client contacts

If you need information on what your role is, who to call or what to do as a contact please visit the page below

Careline Contact

You have been nominated to be a contact for one of our clients, possibly a family member, friend or neighbour of yours.

As a contact we may call on you if a client presses their Careline pendant for assistance. We may ask you to go round to see if everything is okay, or to sit with them whilst they wait for an ambulance to arrive. If they have fallen you can help make them comfortable by providing a pillow or a blanket if it is cold.

Sometimes it is a false alarm and the client doesn’t realise they have pressed their button. By going round and letting us know this you can help to prevent unnecessary call outs to the ambulance service.

Your help is invaluable and we thank you for being a Careline Client Contact.

To contact our 24hr call centre

To contact our Careline offices at King’s Court

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