Falls Prevention and Security

Falls Prevention

Out of West Norfolk’s 32,000 people aged 65 and over it is estimated that around 10,000 will fall in one year. Of these 500 will sustain a fracture, 2,000 will require medical attention and 250 will be hospitalised. Nationally, the Government calculates that an older person dies every 5 hours because of a fall.

Careline Community Service along with partner organisations are therefore keen to develop its work in helping to prevent falls in and around the home. It wishes to help not only those people who have had a fall or those with disabilities but also those who might have a fear of falling.

Types of help available

  • fitting grab rails
  • fitting hand rails
  • half steps
  • removing trip hazards in the home such a frayed carpets and trailing wires
  • carrying out small jobs so clients don’t have to take risks
  • moving (but not disposal of) furniture to improve access around the home
  • fitting lever taps
  • fitting energy efficiency bulbs

Home Security

Types of help available

Home maintenance checks can be offered to assess and fit the following:

  • Thumb turns
  • Window and door locks
  • Security bolts
  • Security lighting (like for like replacement)
  • Keysafes
  • Smoke detection (linked or unlinked)